Taking care of my hair is very important to me. I have used so many different oils like argan, coconut and olive. BUT this new hair mask beats all the plain oils. Never in my life did my hair look so good with this new DIY hair mask which I found on Youtube. The content of the mask is honey, olive oil, cinnamon and conditioner. Unfortunately due to my religion I can’t show you how good my hair looks like after the treatment. But please trust me that it really really works! Take a look how I make this mask and ofcourse my experience with it.

The recipe consists of 5 steps:

First off you would need half a cup of olive oil

Stir in 2 teaspoons of cinnamon. I used a old jar to save the hair mask. Cause with this recipe you can use it like twice or three times.

This is how the mixture should look like

Then add half a cup of honey

Finally add half a cup (can be less) of hair conditioner

Stir everything together with a fork. This goody smells so good you would want to eat it 😛 Now the mask is ready for use. I put this in my hair when I am ready to go to sleep. And I also wrap my head with plastic foil due to the natural warmth of my body the mask gets to soak in the hair really well. Next morning wash it out, you will notice a difference instantly. Even when your hair is wet you will feel the softness already.

What I have learned on Youtube is that olive oil, honey and cinnamon acts as a natural highlighter. Ofcourse after one use it would not be noticeable, but after several applications it should. Yesterday I had 2 friends (girls) coming over and both of them told me how soft, thick and shiny my hair looks. One of them even said it looks like you are wearing a wig! Personally I feel that the mask is making my hair incredibly soft and shiny. I don’t even need to blow dry my hair to get it straight. The mask is so nourishing that I just have to comb my hair when its half dry and let it air dry. I am from now on a firm believer of the miracles of honey! It really makes my hair bouncy. This mask is not only for european hair but for all types of hair!

Last week I have seen the new commercial of Nicole Scherzinger promoting Herbal Essences “Honey I’m Strong”. You can guess that I’d rather prefer to use my own natural DIY hair mask 😉

So the weekend is almost here, try it out and let me know if it has worked for you as it has worked out for me 🙂

Below you will find the 2 Youtube video’s I have used for my hair mask:

Raw honey is used here and water (as you can see I have not used this recipe). But this video is very informative about the benefits of honey.

This is the hair mask recipe I have used. And as you can see this girl does not have European hair but has frizzy hair.

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