Do you recognize this while having a party at home: having to repeat yourselve over and over what the WIFI password is? It could be that your guests are afraid to ask because it can seem a bit rude. To make this alot more easier (and make your guests feel more at ease) you can make your own DIY WIFI password frame. And there are a lot examples out there:

You can make your own scrap paper collage with newspapers/magazines. Or create one with chalkboard paint so that it is easy to change the password.

Even a special wedding Instagram/Facebook frame can make it alot easier to categorize all the photo’s of an event in one place. Changing the password accordingly to the theme of the occasion gives the party a nice touch aswell.

You don’t even need to change the WIFI password just for special occasions, for parents that want their kids to accomplish domestic chores, this sure would work!


So would you consider these neat ideas above? Or do you have other awesome suggestions? Please drop a comment below 😉

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